JOY brings international programs and leadership opportunities to college students. We provide at-risk and orphaned children with a meaningful connection to these students in-country.
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    Doug Harvin

    $50.00 / 3 days ago

    Thanks for doing your part to improve the lives of others in a place that some might disregard as a shithole country.

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    $17.38 / 3 days ago

    Bing bing bong bong

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    Brooke Schwarz

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    Sally Sloane Kazarian

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    Sally sloane

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    Ellen Hamilton

    $103.00 / 5 days ago

    Kathryn - So proud of you for doing this! My best wishes for your success. You will carry this memories for a lifetime and they will shape your character. Ellen

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    Consuelo Kelly

    $30.90 / 6 days ago

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    Danielle Ellis

    $25.75 / 23 days ago

    We love you, Kathryn!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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    Nikki Bergman

    $100.00 / 31 days ago

    Way to go Kathryn! So proud of you!

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    Kathryn Nadkarni

    $103.00 / 44 days ago

About Kathryn Nadkarni

Last March, I had the most incredible experience of going to the Dominican Republic to serve as a missionary at a school in Santo Domingo. These children touched my heart so much that this coming March I will be returning - as a leader! Thank you for considering to support my cause.

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